Dryer Exhaust Backdraft Damper

Dryer exhaust backdraft damper is something you should have to prevent your ducts and your clothes dryers functionality in general. It better to be safe and install them, the price you pay for that is really low.

When you install your dryer exhaust backdraft damper, you will not only prevent air getting in your duct. You can say STOP to the rain, insects, dirt and everything else you can think of. By keeping things that would damage your clothes dryer outside the exhaust, you are prolonging the life of your clothes drying machine. Also, you are saving yourself from stress and loss of money.

Dryer exhaust backdraft damper is usually made out of steel and has aluminum blades. Gravity is what keeps them clothes all the time, except when you have hot air coming out of the clothes dryers. Then dryer exhaust backdraft damper blades open up and release moist air through the duct. Simple, right?

The backdraft damper can be installed easily and is an important part of your duct and exhaust system. Together with a exhaust boost fan, backdraft damper makes a great combination for the superb performance and safety of your clothes dryer. The dampers can be installed inside the circular ducting to prevent a backdraft of air when the fans are switched off.

You can install the back draft damper on your roof or on the wall. Its' really convenient to have choice here, because you may be living in a place that hasn't great architectural solution. You can choose to place the clothes dryer backdraft damper horizontally or vertically, it's really up to you and the circumstances you have in your apartment.

You will be able to find different sizes and types of backdraft dampers for clothes dryers exhaust. Make sure they're made of steel thought, as they will last longest and keep you at peace. You only need to check the dimensions you need to install the dampers in your wall or on the roof, and you can have them ordered. Also, there are companies who make custom backdraft dampers. Feel free to explore more and find out what suits you best.

One thing is sure, you will have a little nuisance, but get lots of back for it. It's a great investment to find yourself a dryer exhaust backdraft damper.


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